Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new series: subscription cards

Last week my life took a swift turn as my father had a serious surgery and I ended flying to Phoenix to help. Even though I brought my bag full of tricks - needle and thread, crochet hook, I have turned to another one of my recent obsessions : subscription cards.


This series began last year when I was in the throws of my divorce and consequential move. It was a very stressful time and I didn't have any time to go to my studio, so I suddenly  began to obsessively draw on subscription cards, easily found and a convenient  size ~ any doctor's waiting room and fits into my purse.



People questioned my choice of subscription cards - couldn't I just as easily do these drawing on better paper?!? Well when I worked on plain paper it wasn't the same. The  subscription card gives me a structure  to work with.  


Also, I liked the idea of working with an item which annoyed many and that most people just toss. This was the same attraction that brought me to my bottle cap jewelry business, many moons ago. And as happened with the bottle-caps is happening with the cards, as I start collecting subscription cards I notice the vast variety, some with wonderful colors, designs and graphics. When I draw on each card I incorporate these elements in the larger design.  As with so much of my work, I view the card as a puzzle to solve, how do I make the card work as a whole.  However, also allowing an intuitive, organic approach to the drawing. This is the similar theory behind my 'creatures'. 


Since arriving in Phoenix I have been busily and obsessively working on cards?!?! I'm not sure where they are going, but I KNOW I need to do them.  But I wonder - are they pieces on their own, springboards for other pieces or just a way for me to stay sane?!?! My thought is that they are all of the above!!

While here I have also experimented with using the cards to make transfers (thanks to Cheri Clinton's workshop)  and see many a possibility!!!

So here are some of these obsessions - putting them out into the cyber world. If u have thoughts or suggestions I am curious to hear them, if you so desire.  Now back to the current card!! :)

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