Saturday, October 12, 2013

'breaking open' is OPEN!!!!!

I have so much to say about these works,
 but for now the photos will tell the story . . .
'to have and to hold', 'womb wrap (uterus), 'raw' and 'random' 
with paintings by Anne Wright Gilson
 'random' (detail) organic crocheting
metamorphosis' - collaborative sculpture 
created with the Dana Hall student body 
in the spring of 2013
'to have and to hold' (detail) 
press release

'tethered and torqued' and 'this is me, a work in progress' 

'to have and to hold', 'metamorphosis' and 'dear jeff'. 
paintings on the wall by Anne Wright Gilson 

'this is me, a work in progress' embroidery on vintage slip

'shiva' acrylic and pencil on arches watercolor paper. 
this painting was started in 2011, at Vermont Studio Center
and finished about hour before delivering it the gallery
'tethered and torqued' and 'breaking free' 
' to have and to hold'  sculptural dress made mostly out of white rubber gloves.

And here is a favorite dressdrawing/quote 
that has motivated me during these past months ~


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