Friday, November 8, 2013

'breaking open' is closing this weekend ~

'tethered and torqued' works so well in the space
The count down has begun . . . 'breaking open' at Fountain Street Fine Art will close on Sunday! 

I am sad this exhibit will be closing because I am very proud of how the pieces came together.  

And there are some of my pieces that are more like installations and which work very well in this space, and I appreciate that they won't be exhibited like this again.  

But it has been a great run.  I have had heard lovely comments from those who have been able to make it to the gallery.  

In fact a fellow artist, Catherine Carter, brought her Framingham State classes to the exhibit, and then wrote an insightful review on her blog.

students making notes 
Here is a section from Carter's post:
The most impressive takeaway from our visit, and the one which I think will provide an ongoing memory for the class, is Virginia's creative approach to LIFE. It was apparent from this exhibit that every day is an adventure to her. New artistic ideas are always flashing through her mind, new expressive possibilities are always suggesting themselves to her, and she is always seeking new methods and materials to communicate her ideas and visions. Her open-mindedness and free spirit are inspiring, especially to these college students whose lives at this stage are increasingly suffocated by deadlines, requirements, and responsibilities. It's important to remind them that one of the reasons we are here (The Reason, in my book) is the need to savor the sensuous, impractical events in our lives, and our field trip experience today provided that example.

And besides Catherine's wonderful words about the show, she asked her students to pick one of the pieces and write their reaction to it.  I am so curious to reads their thoughts.

Also last night I hosted an evening gathering at the gallery, which, despite the cold and rainy weather was well attended.  It was a great group of visitors with great interest and wonderful questions, and I am all too happy to discuss the work, my thoughts and my processes.  

Thank you to all that stopped by last night.

So, if you want to experience the exhibit,
it will still be  up and open for to more days.  
The gallery's hours are :
Friday 11-5pm
Saturday 11-5pm
Sunday 11-5pm.
and by appointment

And if you need extra incentive ~ I am gallery sitting Saturday afternoon from 2-5pm.  

Then as of 5pm Sunday I pack it up and make room for Fountain Street's next exhibit: Natural Selection. Hope you can stop by . . . 

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