Saturday, November 2, 2013

Arty happenings, THIS week!!!!!

Some of many exciting events that are on the calendar this coming week, in no particular order!!!!
First I am so pleased to be exhibiting some of my dressphotos at the Wellesley Center Starbucks for the month of November! So if you are in the area make sure to stop in for a toasty warm drink as the cold northeastern winter months arrive.

As I hung my photos last night,  I remembered that it was over 7 years ago that I exhibited some of my still life paintings at this exact Starbucks, in fact on this exact wall. This realization gave me a moment to reflect on the amazing journey that I have been on and how intrigued I am about where the journey will take me!

Secondly, this Sunday I hope you will join me at the Artisan Market at Roots and Wings. This past week I have been I have been madly making dresscards and other daily dress intentions inspired items. Roots and Wings is a lovely place, offering wonderful classes in yoga, meditation and so much more. The market will support Roots & Wings' nonprofit organization Branching Out for Youth.

Then last but not least!!, I am so sad to say that 'breaking open' is almost closing. The show ends on Nov. 10th. But there are still some events that may help you get there!!

On Thursday, November 7th, from 5-8, we are having a gathering where the gallery will be open later.  Come by for some refreshments and lively conversation!!  I'll be there to talk about the work and answer any questions.  

The experience of putting together an exhibit I find to be quite the roller coaster ~ exhilarating, challenging, exhausting and yet satisfying and so rewarding.    You work so hard to put together a cohesive body of work, then deliver and install the work.  After that, there is the excitement of the opening and, if you are lucky, there will be an artist's talk.  These events usually go on when you are in a state of exhaustion, disbelief and excitement, having just installed the show.   

Then once those big events are finished, you have the job of getting people to go to the gallery. For me this is one of the harder parts of exhibiting.  In today's busy, busy world I am torn about adding one more invitation, obligation to the mix.  

But then again I am proud of the work, and especially for sculpture, one gets such a richer experience by being with the work, verses seeing it in pictures.  So I set up events that might make the visit more enjoyable. 

But this is part of being an exhibiting artist! It is a job/calling/passion that I love!! and an experience that I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share!!! 

p.s. one last event!
tonight is the annual benefit auction for the Attleboro Arts Museum.  I went last year and it was SO fun!!! Also I donated one of my 'home sweet home' collages,' somethings fishy'. Click here if you want to bid online ~ 

Well time to make more dresscards!!! peace

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