Sunday, February 9, 2014

where did the weekend go?!?!?

There are not enough days in the weekend. 
Rod Schmidt
'flirt' the installation in its stairwell
Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and ice this weekend to join me at the opening receptions for these two exceptional exhibits.  
Here are some pictures from the receptions and the prep. 
I also have written a few words about each exhibit.  I hope to do so more but one never knows where the time goes.  I have been referencing this blog to gets some dates of dresses, etc. and numerous times I saw the notation that 'I will write more later' but it seems as if later doesn't happen?!?!?

Dedham, MA
Jean Ford Webb, Executive Director of Mother Brookand
'the daily dress series'
Natick, MA 
I am so happy with both these shows!! 

Flirt is a fabulous selection of art from 14 different artists 
(myself being one). 
This show is their inaugural exhibit, introducing
 Mother Brook to the community.  
The building used to be an old school, 
and fortunately instead of razing it, it was turned into an arts center.

It is a beautiful space, with the warmth of old world schools.  
I was fortunate enough to be asked to create a piece for one of the stairwells, and voila 'flirt' the installation.
During the opening I observed many people posing 
in front of the piece, which is fun.  
Red Alert Cocktail Dress is also on exhibit there 
and was the subject of many visitors' photos as well.  

'the daily dress series' is another exhibit that I am truly excited about.  For this show I made photos of a selection 
of my ephemeral dresses and  the gallery framed them beautifully.  
It has been so exciting to see this dresses as a collection. 
 I also penned little stories that went with each dress.  Something that I have been wanting to do forever,
but it took the deadline of the opening for me to really sit down.
For this exhibit, Baldwin Hill
also asked to exhibit my creature and 'insatiable', and 
I was astonished by how excited I was to exhibit my creatures, 
and I was over the moon about working on 'insatiable' again !!

Last night during the reception I sat by my beast and crocheted away, while engaging in wonderful conversations!! #heaven!  

So thank you Mother Brook Art and Baldwin Hill for offering the opportunity to create new works and revisit some old ones.

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