Wednesday, February 18, 2015

dresses on the move and #fromthelandofdragons' blog . . . .

I am not one for letting a few feet of snow stop me! 
I grew up in the windy city and boy do we do weather there!!! 
So between forecasted snow storms got some my my art out into the world!!

 First, I delivered 'torqued and tethered . . . ' and 'dear jeff . . . '
to the South Shore Art Center.  They are part of a group show, curated by 
Bill Houser, called "Forever & After". (more info and link below)

Then after having some motivation issues I framed and delivered some 
#fromthelandofdragons photos to the Wellesley Starbucks, on rt 135.
Reminding us all what a few months will bring . . . 

And this installation prompted me to finally
create and publish a dedicated blog page for my
#fromthelandofdragons series!! (yay)
(link to blog below AND in dashboard) 
now these photos will be 
all in one place, more easily found,
 especially for those of you
who are not on FB or Instagram

show card for "Forever & After"
show catalogue 

Description and information about "Forever & After"
"Forever & After" at the South Shore Art Center

click here to view show catalogue

A dedicated home for my #fromthelandofdragons photos:
#fromthelandofdragons has its own blog!!!!! 

Since Starbucks doesn't want artists to post prices I have created this page with all $$ info:
link to pricing information for the work at starbucks

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