Thursday, February 12, 2015

#tbt: stories from my dressproject

one of my new year's intentions is to reclaim my art blog, this blog, which i started back in january 2008 (the first post, if you are interested, click here) 
my dearest cohort in crime, the day
i made 'floating . . . ' #scruffywalk

i began this blog as a response to this amazing 'experience' that i was a part of . . . my 'dressproject'.  as anyone knows, who has heard me talk about my 'dressproject', i feel as though i am a conduit for this body of work.  since the dresses were appearing fast and furiously i needed a way to document the journey, hence this blog.  

so to get this blog back up to speed, with more regular postings and covering more than just my 'dressproject',  i have many ideas for different features (more on that in another post) and wish to make posting more of a daily practice.  

and since in the world of social media, #tbt or 'throw back thurday' is an already established tradition, i am going to honor #tbt here.  on thursday i am going to look back to one of the many, many dresses from the 'dressproject'. i will post a picture or two and share story of that specific dress; because it is amazing how most all dresses have some kind of story.

today's #tbt is part of my #dailydressseries, which i officially labeled last december and continue to share on my instagram feed.  so without further adieu, 'floating . . . .'

'floating . . . ' 1jan 2014, natick, ma
'floating' was made on the natick rail trail in a stream under the Cochituate st bridge. It was New Year's Day morning 2014; cold, bright & so quiet! My dog doesn't distinguish between regular mornings verses holiday morning, so we were out the door around 6:30am. But the morning air was bracing, a perfect way to greet the new year. While exploring the rail trail, I noticed a small beguiling leaf poised in the stream that ran along the trail, being in the water highlighted its beauty. So I accepted the challenge of creating a dress in the icy cold stream. Of course the reality that it was below freezing and I was working with my bare hands didn't occur to me until the dress was done.
peace, and see you tomorrow . . .


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