Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#wip wednesday: bring on spring!!!

'flowerpower:blue' ©2015
'flowerpower: love' ©2015
What has been occupying me these past days is the wonderful opportunity to be featured in the 
window of Uni-T and the Natick Collection. And watch out as 'flower power . . .' struts her stuff accompanied by a new series of paintings!!!!


This is a #wip (work in progress) because there is more to come!! More paintings and prints (fingers-crossed) of the paintings, and Eujin and I decided that I will continue to draw more flowers all around the window with her awesome white marker.  ( see photo below of me drawing some flowers, it is hard to capture these drawings with a camera but it looks so cool in person!!!! ) 

I have happily worked with Uni-T for years; I was featured in the window last summer - they carry many of my dressproject products and the owner, Eujin Kim Neilan  is such a dream to work with and an accomplished artist and illustrator herself.

paintings in progress in my studio
Eugene's book, The Rabbit and the Dragon King
'flowerpower: green' ©2015

white marker on the window
'bloom . . . ' ©2015
 and along with the window installation I finished my submission to Curlypops' #breathingtoanewbeat coloring book.
@virginiafitzgerald 2015
peace, va

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