Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#wip wednesday: a little catch-up

There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time. ~Napoleon I, Maxims, 1815
 here's a bit of the projects that are filling my time these past few weeks . . . 

latest embroidery, made for a dear friend and angel!!

Still pulling together and creating pieces for my second delivery 
to the oh-so patient Eujin @ Uni-T!
new dresspaintings, heading to Uni_t at the Natick Mall

more flowerpower paintings for Uni-T
new dresspaintings, heading to Uni_t at the Natick Mall
dresscard design
most recent order of dresscards heading to Uni-T. 
My plan is to offer these notecards for purchase online  . . . just need to figure out details, the how.
I am thinking about offering a kind of DYI approach - create your own set of notecards, as I can't fathom buying just one card online?!? 

'i still rise . . .' 19april15, 43F, 7:30AM
one of the ephemeral dresses made during these past weeks - 
to see all of these ephemeral creations check out my instagram accountFlickrtwitter or FB. 
I post them on those sites on a regular basis only because I can post directly from my phone.
I want to figure out how to post directly onto this blog, but until then . . .

'dear jeff . . . ' at the SSAC just before i packed her up . . .
and as all good things must end, "Forever & After" closed.  It was incredible exhibit and experience.  Also the difference in the weather on the day I delivered my pieces (freezing and with snow piles so high that it was dangerous to drive) and the day I picked them up (sunny, warm, Spring)!!! 
Gotta love weather to live in New England!! 

Lastly I am still pondering, playing with #the100dayproject and will be posting 'part 2' of that mental discussion in the next few days.  However no matter what I decide to do for the project or/and if I even decide to do the project at all, this has been a terrific exercise in thinking about social media, time and purpose!! 

so 'til later, thanks for stopping by and joining me on this amazing journey called life!! xxxx, va

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