Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Just under the wire ... #makeitindesign

quote by oscar wilde 
Since reentering the world of surface design and freelance illustration ( I was freelancing few decades ago, pre-internet ) I am amazed by all the wonderful resources that are available!! besides being able to view so many illustrators works on Instagram and Pinerest, there are so many educational websites and online classes.  Many a morning I can fall into the blackhole of the cyber-world just following interesting links that are delivered to my inbox.  And that is exactly what happened today ...

Today I learned it was the last day to enter an online competition run by and to enter one needed to turn a positive mantra or uplifting quote you live by into a beautiful typographic design!!!! and the winner would receive: 
a place on The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design
posted on 'with love, virginia'

The Ultimate Portfolio Builder‘ course starting March 21, 2016.
So let's review ~ possibility to be in a class about building my illustration/surface design portfolio and creating an interesting illustration using typography and an inspiring quote?!?!? I'm in!!!
So I would just squeeze one more thing on my already full 'to-do' list today.  And I figured I would work-up one of the quotes that I had done for my inspirational blog, with love, virginia, it won't take that long ... ha, ha, ha.

Also as I was ping-ponging between all my different 'to-do's I suddenly was curious exactly when the 'creation' needed to be posted, since with many a deadline I have learned that I can really focus and finish once the other part of my day is done, the girls are feed and taken care of, the dog walk, the evening hours ... But I am SO glad that I did check because the deadline was midnight, but midnight  (GMT) (that is 7 PM EST!!!!! ACK!!!!)

But all is well as I pressed share seconds before 7 PM (EST) (fingers crossed) and I am happy with the resulting illustration.  In fact I hope/plan to do some more work on it as I think it would be great for a book bag?!? Which is another reason I love to enter competition and join challenges, as it is a great way to push yourself to make work!! So here is my entry, an illustration of one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes.  


Midnight (GMT) on Wednesday March 9, 2016


BRIEF: To enter this competition, your challenge is turn a positive mantra or uplifting quote you live by into a beautiful typographic design
  • LIMIT: You may enter this competition with up to 3 different designs / quotes
  • SHARE & SEND: Share your creations on your social networks using TWO hashtags: #makeitindesign AND #upbcomp and send your entry to before the deadline for your chance to win.
  • FORMAT & DETAILS: Images are to be provided in SQUARE FORMAT as low res cropped to 550px wide & ‘save for web’ jpg.  Please provide your full name, country you’re from and one web link (i.e. your blog/website)
  • JUDGING: Rachael Taylor will select the grand prize winner!

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