Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'lilith contemplates ...'

One body of work which basically created its self is my photo series called, 'lilith contemplates ...'

What I mean by that statement is that the idea for the series basically came from the sculpture, 'lilith in blue ...'.

Last spring there were a few occasions in which  'lilith in blue ...' was needed to be out and about.

The first event was that she was one of the models for one of David Lee Blacks' Photography Workshop "Creating your Vision". 

'lilith in blue ...', along with the beautiful and talented Melanie Moore and Kaya Alexandria Wadsworth Worthington, owner of CapeCodGypsea, were photographed in front of the Atlantic ocean.  I thought that she looked so at home outside in the elements!!

Then she was one of the sculptures that I brought with me when I gave my lecture for 'wake up and smell the poetry' in May.

During the lecture I spoke about 'lilith in blue ...'  and the historical/biblical/mythical figure, Lilith.
talking during 'wake up and smell the poetry' 2015
Lilith's story can vary depending on the source.  The one that I reference in the name of my sculpture is the Lilith that was Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden.  She was made like Adam, out of dirt, her own individual creation, not from any part of Adam. With this individuality came an independent spirit and a strong will which was not acceptable in Eden.  So Lilith was banished from the garden and God made Eve, using a rib bone from Adam with the intention that Eve would be more obedient ... enter snake, stage right.

Upon relaying Lilith's story I recognized some similarities between my 'dressproject' and Lilith's strong will and eventual exile.  'lilith in blue ...' is a plaster dress sculpture on which I painted images which  allude to life, nature, passion, pleasure, knowledge and femininity.  As i spoke suddenly I saw this sculpture was an embodiment of my 'dressproject'.

After the lecture, I was planning to return 'lilith in blue ...' to my studio but in the driveway of my studio there was an old push grass cutter and I put 'lilith in blue ...' by the contraption.  It felt like 'lilith' had a thought about this relic and suddenly I knew that 'lilith' had many thoughts and instead of going back into my studio, 'lilith' went back into my car to go out and contemplate the world.

She went many places last Spring and I witnessed a series develop - 
be it in a book form, or in a gallery.  

Sadly, I had to abandon lilith's adventures with the increasing pressures of 'real life',  but I knew that her returned to the studio was temporary.  If I can get funding for her travels we would be back on the road. in NO time flat.  In fact when I envision this series I see lilith and I criss-crossing the country, contemplating the brooklyn bridge, the mississippi, a hay stack, an oil drill, the badlands!!! 
 the list can go on and on. 

But until the lilith lottery ticket arrives, 
here are a few of the photos from lilith's journeys so far.

'lilith contemplates evening ...' (2015)
'lilith contemplates single stream recycling ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates that freedom is not free ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates detours ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates the art of lisa barthelson ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates a change in careers ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates palettes ...' 2015
'lilith contemplates sanctuary ...' (2015) 
'lilith contemplates the cost of parking ...' 2015

thank you and peace!!!

video from 'wake up and smell the poetry'

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