Monday, September 19, 2016

pattern camp weekly challenge: forest

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
Some of you may remember that this summer I won a scholarship to Jessica Swift's Patterncamp, which was a weekend long 'bootcamp' for pattern design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  It was an amazing weekend!!! though the expression, 'drinking from a firehose' really captures the experience.

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
There was A LOT of information shared within the 48 hours, but luckily you have many opportunities to continue to learn and practice.

© virginiafitzgerald 2016

One of these opportunities is every week Jessica offers all campers, past and current, a pattern challenge theme with which to create new patterns which you can then share with the PC community.  I have been able to participate every few weeks, but I love it when my schedule allows, as the weekly challenges helps me to hone my new skills and I can get feedback from fellow campers.  It is one of the many benefits of patterncamp.

original postit pattern
For last week's theme: forest, I created two patterns, in a variety of different color ways .  The pattern of 'just trees' I did in Adobe Illustrator, a program that is very new to me.  The bird pattern was done with Adobe Photoshop, the program with which I am very comfortable.  For this pattern I started with a painting from my #30daysofpatternstudies that I did last February with Francisca Nunes(click here to read more about my adventures in patterns on post-its.)
© virginiafitzgerald 2016

© virginiafitzgerald 2016
The next bootcamp weekend is in October, some info and links to the class are below.  I highly recommend taking this online course if you are interested in pattern design.

Jessica is a great and patient teacher.  She is a working pattern designer and illustrator so she has real life experiences to share.  The bootcamp is a great survey of many aspects of putting a design into repeat, AND you become part of a wonderful community of like mind pattern obsessed folks!!!

Though beware ... it can be HIGHLY addictive!!!


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