Thursday, March 9, 2017

Licia Ronzulli

This composite picture shows the mother-daughter duo at Parliament sessions
from September 22, 2010 to November 19, 2013
Licia Ronzulli: politician, health manager, mother, nurse.

Licia Ronzulli was Member of the European Parliament for northwest of Italy, representing the The People of Freedom party and New Forza Italia party 2009-2014. She won a seat in the 2009 European Parliament election.  Licia worked as a nurse in Milan and Bangladesh before become a hospital director and then turning to politics.

Licia Ronzulli as an Italian MEP is known for bringing her daughter, Vittoria, to the Parliament's  sessions.  Every day is Bring Your Child To Work Day at the European Parliament and so that is Licia Ronzulli has done.   The pictures of Licia and her daughter together in Parliament not only make me smile, but reenforces the power of parenting by example and how empowering that act was/is for her daughter Vittoria. 
She first brought her daughter to a plenary session when she was 44 days old as a symbolic gesture to support more rights for women in reconciling work and family life.

News coverage of Ronzulli's story has generated a lot of discussion on family leave policies, especially around the fact that only four countries in the world have no national law requiring paid maternity leave: Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, and the United States.

To learn more about the lack of paid family leave in the U.S. and a group working to give all Americans access to paid family leave, check out at

"When she first wore her six-week-old baby in a sling in the European parliament, photographs of mother and child caused a stir. As Ms Ronzulli observed at the time: "We've been doing a lot of work in the European parliament and there was no interest [from] the press. Then I come with my baby and everybody wants to interview me.” The MEP claimed at the time that it was not a political stunt. But she did call for a discussion of the lives of working mothers shortly afterwards."The Italian MEP who's a poster girl for working mothers everywhereThe Telegraph,  Sally Peck 20 Nov 2013

However, even though Ronzulli's decision to bring her daughter to work with her has lead to a greater discussion of maternity leave and women's and mother's rights in the work place, these topics are still  debated subjects and are still under attack, as you can read in this article on Huffington Post (01/22/2016) by Montserrat Domínguez :

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