Monday, June 12, 2017

'dailydresses' go to the mall ....

top left: 'beach muse ...' ; top right: 'from the ground up...'
lower left: 'wedding dress...' ; lower right: 'on thin ice ...' 

Last week I did the finishing touches to my window display at Uni-T at the Natick Mall. I dropped off a number of photographs from my #dailydressseries.  Each photo is in a 8x10 mat, and can be shown as is or popped into a frame for yourself or as a gift.

These are smaller version of the #dailydresses that are accompanying 'torqued and tethered ...' in Uni-T's shop window.

Uni-T also has a good selection of notecards from my dailydress series, the ever growing collection of ephemeral dresses made during my everyday journey.  Click here to purchase these notecards from Uni-T's online shop and to see more more of my #dailydresses, as they are created, check out my instagram feed, virginiacreates.


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