Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spilt oats ....

Ok - you not supposed to cry over spilt milk but what do you do with spilt oats??? Well as I was cleaning up the oats they were too malleable and so I had to put them into a dress form & then a heart ~- an image that has entered my consciences big time lately.... kind of like the dress image ~what does that mean???

& then this AM the light was so beautiful from the serious amount of snow that was dumped on us .. & our red bath mat just radiated ~ and I saw a luscious, passionate red heart…..

the heart again???
It is interesting - I am thinking more about internal organs~ the heart, the uterus!!!, the brain, intestines, …. Oh where will this go??? stay tuned ... i know i am!!!
peace & happy winter solistice!


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