Monday, December 22, 2008

work in progress - kntting a uterus

I started this blog as a place for artist’s interaction - a way to create a community for support and critique; however i don't feel like that i have been using it as so. Something about only putting on 'a good face' - only finished projects. So here is a work in progress ~ a piece that i am truly excited about and wanted to share.
For the past month I have been knitting a uterus – a womb wrap. I started with a few stitches and I have been adding on stitches and different yarns to create this uterus-like shape. I have been searching out all kinds of yarn ~ different reds and varied textures – trying to capture a sense of the inner lining. I have made a few different uteri out of wire – but this time I wanted to create something soft. I want to curl up and be protected – to go back to the womb.

I happen to have my womb wrap when i was visiting a friend who was feeling quite frazzled and sad so I wrapped her up - knitting needles and all. She said it felt very soft and comforting but i realized that i wanted it to be bigger - more encompassing - so i am knitting more. I plan to make it two sided as well as extend the ends like the fallopian tubes. At the ends there will be something to represent the ovaries – pompoms or tassels??
This is a project that I am thoroughly enjoying and one that can merge my worlds a bit – artist and mother. With all the holiday festivities and school vacations this is a piece that I can bring with me where ever I go, although it is getting a little unruly.
Lastly my uterus getting too long for my 36’ circular needles – does anyone have a suggestion of how to accommodate some many stitches because with the fallopian tubes I am not sure how to continue. Thanks & peace


thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment ~ it is always a gift to get feedback!! so thx and peace ~