Thursday, May 14, 2009

an evening of Magic

Tomorrow, May 14th
an Evening of Magic
the annual fund raiser for
Michael Dowling's Medicine Wheel Productions.
This is an amazing institution ~
'The mission of Medicine Wheel Productions is to enable individuals to access the hidden world through art. The organization invites people to gain awareness of themselves in their communities by participating in the creation of enduring, site specific public art projects in which they explore and share issues unique to their individual and collective experiences. '
(from their web site)
I have had many wonderful learning experiences with Michael and next month I will be installing a large eggshell wedding dress in the gallery with the help of the Medicine Wheel students, a project that i am very excited about!!

As well as the festivities there is going to be an auction of artwork. I donated a piece from my Strata series ~ Strata lll (let me rage). This is a series inside the Dress Project. I create these dresses using rubber stamps on wood then surrounding the dress with a variety of materials. With this piece the background was created with cheese cloth, dried rose petals and beeswax over a layer of tissue paper. The dress is made up of layers of words - each layer i use a different style of lettering and ink color. I like to think of these pieces as representing the depths of a woman/a person - the many layers that all people have in them. I have watched as each piece has changed ~ the density of the layers, the shape of the dress and the choice of words. With Strata lll I got into almost a stream of consciousness ~ as i was printing one word the next word would pop into my head. With the first two Strata I stuck to using adjectives but with number lll i tried not to limit myself. With the next one all bets are off. I hope to do many of these pieces - experimenting with different surfaces, colors and background materials. peace


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