Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing my Creatures

The piece that i was going to send to Mandy Greer but decided not to is now officially finished. It sort of finished itself. My plan was to add layer upon layer of webbing but at a certain stage the piece reached a critical mass and told me that it was time to stop. I had so enjoyed working on the piece that i was sorry that the piece was completed.
I hung it on the wall to get a sense of what it really looked like & i suddenly saw this piece as a creature ~ it has an organic, visceral feeling. As I thought this I envisioned a series of these ‘creatures’ ~ in different shapes, colors & sizes. And I plan to keep the same approach toward these creatures as I did with the first piece – no expectations, no right or wrong way, I want to let the piece direct me. Today I realized that I am taking this attitude with many of the projects that I am currently working on. I am trying to listen to the different pieces, let them lead me ~ don’t think, just do, get out of my own way. We will see how this goes ~ but this is my journey at the present. So keep your eyes open for more creatures, I have already started a very curly, pinkish/orange creature…..
~ peace


  1. Is this crocheted? Very nice! I used to do "free-form" crochet, but I was more controlling with the outcome. Good to be able to trust yourself.

  2. yes - this is crocheted!! I am glad you like it. It was completely free-form and I LOVED doing it. I learned to crochet about a month ago and have become obsessed. Thanks for your comment. have a good weekend. peace, Virginia


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