Saturday, June 19, 2010

illustration friday ~ paisley

Ok - I am playing catch~up here ....
since I posted LAST week's topic illustration yesterday I am going to post THIS week's illustration Friday's illustration today!! This week the topic is Paisley ~ what a wonderful topic, my head is basically bursting with ideas!! However, I have noticed that whenever I make a new illustration for IF I am always racing to submit it and I remembered I made this illustration as a thank you to a friend who offered me a place to stay in NYC. So, I figured in the interest of sanity, I would post this one now & if the time gods allow, I will post another later this week ~ because paisley is such a inspiring word!!

As I said, this drawing was made as a thank you card. My friend is from India and had 'henna'ed my hand during my visit so I felt this was a good way to say thanks. I love heena ~ the idea of body painting. I have started buying heena and painting it on myself and my family - it is loads of fun. Of course this can cause some problems. Once I had painted my daughter's hands and didn't think too much about it. But then she went off to her middle school & she was questioned about it ~ they wanted to make sure she wasn't cheating on her quiz :)....

wishing all a happy weekend and a Happy Father's Day!!
especially to my DAD ~ 'thank you' for being a super dad!!!



  1. the henna looks lovely!

  2. wonderful, both artful hands! I so enjoyed this prompt. I would have never thought of using henna for cheating, or cheating for that matter.

  3. Love your paisley hand and your henna hand too. I must have a go at doing my hand - I bet it's harder than it looks.

  4. I like playing with henna too. Funny about your daughter getting questioned about it at school :)

  5. I made henna too for IF!! I love henna very much!!

  6. and I like the 'Dress Project' also!! It is so unique!


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