Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ripple dress in going to Montana!!

I am so happy to announce that my contribution to the Ripple Sketch site was bought and on its way to Montana. I am also happy to say that the drawing was purchased by an another ceative soul, Tammie - 'a nature photographer and writer of poetry'. She has two inspiring blogs ~
beauty flows ~
spirithelpers ~
Today's post on spirithelpers has some beautiful photos and poems ~ check out the strawberry!!
This has been quite a rewarding experience and I hope to contribute some more to the ripple site. As of 6/22 they have raised over $5000!!
I just returned from spending a day on the New Hampshire coast, soaking up the infinite beauty of the ocean. As I put my feet into the refreshingly cool, clean ocean water the enormity of the disaster in the gulf really hit me!!!! I am totally frustrated by the situation but by donating my drawing to the ripple site I don't feel totally helpless!! what is the saying, every little bit helps?!? So thank you Kelly Light for putting this site together and thank you all who have purchased artwork!!
I just hope that one thing that can come out of this crisis is a greater respect for mother nature and how we treat her!!
Also maybe we will think about riding our bikes more.....

thx & peace


  1. update from illustration friday ~
    And here's the latest on the Ripple topic from Kelly Light:
    Hi Everyone at Illustration Friday! It's Kelly Light from the "Ripple" blog. I wanted to stop back and say a huge "THANKS!" to all of the Illustration Friday contributors who came to Ripple and donated their talent and time to help the Gulf Oil Spill animal victims. In one week Ripple went from having 100 cards to having 600 cards. We went from raising $1,000.00 to help clean oiled animals to more than $5,000.00 (as of 6/22). That figure keeps growing and the art keeps coming everyday. Artist from all over the globe showed up to throw their pebbles in. The messages they shared were of care and concern, anger and frustration and even hope for an end to this catastrophe. From across the United States the message was clear -- whether near a beach or not -- we need to do what we can to help. Small sketches, small donations that add up not only in dollars but in heart.
    As a result of Ripple, I get personal updates from a woman cleaning birds in Florida with the IBRRC (one of the non profits Ripple helps). She said it takes 3 bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent to wash one bird. One $10 sketch card buys three bottles. So we have raised enough money to clean roughly 570 birds. I made a deal with myself to run this blog as long as the oil spills. I want the oil to stop now. But as long as it's flowing I'll be here and will welcome any new art submissions.
    Thanks again to penelope and Brianna for the support, the huge hook up -- and the inspiration! ~Kelly

  2. Hello Virginia,
    I am glad you had a wonderful time away. Clean water is more important that we can imagine, along with air and earth. Thank you for donating to this cause and inspiring us to donate in return. I look forward to receiving your wonderful dress art!
    You are so lovely to share my arts on your blog, thank you for your appreciation and support.
    I also hope that we learn to care for all life on our planet and the universe beyond.
    a warm friendly smile to you,


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