Wednesday, December 8, 2010

driven by dreams of rats!!!

Today I did a 'crazy' thing .... at three o'clock I wrangled my girls into my car (fresh off the school bus) and I took to the roads, heading west to see a house of rats!!! Yes, rats!! And this was really crazy because the gallery closed at 4:00 and I was '42 min.s from my destination' by Google map's calculations and they didn't factor in manic holiday traffic ... insanity?!?! And this mad-cap adventure was all driven by the desire to experience Zehra Khan's Sweetheart of All My Dreams, a mixed media installation and performance, in collaboration with Tim Winn. I am happy to announce that we got to see the show (a wonderful student stayed late and kept the gallery open for us ~ thank you, Ashley) and we were all amazed and thrilled by the experience. All were in agreement that it was definitely worth the trip!!!
I discovered Zehra's work when we were both in Worcester State University's show, "In-Between" ~ I mentioned her in my post about the show. Since seeing her photos I have become intrigued
by her work. I was even fortunate enough to hear her & Tim speak at Worcester State University last week. To hear about their respective artistic journeys was quite inspiring!
So after navigating crazy~shopper traffic we entered a magical world made out of only black line and paper. In the middle of the gallery a paper 'house' was erected ~ with doors, windows, lights and a piano. We could walk through the house and rest in the bed with the rats. Outside the house was an outhouse and a moon and street light. The play between 2d and 3d sensibilities was interesting to experience. As u can see the girls got into the spirit of the work.

The whole experience has been quite inspiring for yours truly ~ and I am hoping to make my own paper room for a local business' holiday window but I am not sure where to start ~ where to get big paper and where to find the time (since it needs to be done for Friday night :). so we will see - but if not this week, soon. I love the idea of creating an environment for people to explore and I love the idea of photographing the results. Many times during the fall i have found myself looking at my work as elements of a larger photography project ~ close-up shots of my creatures, certain dresses out in the world & maybe just photographing myself in some wacky situations.
So was this that crazy??? while driving out route 9 I was thinking yes this is absolutely crazy! But once the girls and I got into the enchanting world of Zehra and Tim, it all seemed to the perfect thing to do on a cold December day.

If you are near Worcester, try to get by the show. It is a short run, ending this Saturday, but as three 'girls' will attest ~ totally worth the trip!!! the details ~ @ The Gallery, Worcester State University, the Ghosh Science and Tech Building, on view Dec. 4- Dec. 11 th. Or just keep your eyes out for the work of Zehra and Tim!! & lastly, stay warm and peace!!!

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