Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In-Between is In-triguing

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the 2010 Inaugural Regional Art Show, In-Between, at The Gallery at Worcester State University. It is a truly engaging show with a terrific collection of work, representing many, many media. I found myself wanting to spend time absorbing many of the pieces. Upon entering the gallery there are two arresting mixed media pieces by Pamela Cooper, My Space V and My Space II which stopped me in my tracks. Each piece is a 3d paper house which hangs from the ceiling. Each has windows in which you can peer to see drawing of the occupants of the houses ~ giving you a voyeuristic thrill.

Once I pulled myself away from that I was drawn to Leslie Schomp's Wedding Dress. Another suspended piece, this one a white dress adorned with 2 embroidered portraits - one on the front of the dress, the other on the inside of the dress, embroidered with hair. Totally amazing!! Leslie's other submission, Double Self Portrait, earned her an award. I am excited that Leslie also has pieces in the Cutting Edge exhibition, opening this Friday in Brooklyn.

Next I was blown away by Andrea Lilienthal's Swarm (pictured here on the right) This piece consists of pussy willow catkins and wire and it too was suspended from the ceiling (I am noticing a trend here). I found this piece astounding ~ it was attractive and repulsive simultaneously. I was charmed by the pussy willow catkins and disconcerted by the idea of a swarm! Since the opening I checked out her web site and enjoyed looking at her other work, especially her dress series :).

Two of the pieces by Zehra Khan, I needed to examine more closely to really appreciate the wonder of them. She creates these elaborate installations and costumes and then photographs herself and/or friends in these 'scenes' ~ most revolving around a rat. The photos are both eerie and memorizing!! You can see more of the rat on her site. (piece pictured here is Last Cigarette, ink-jet photographic print, 20 x 27", 2010. Installation: acrylic on canvas, paper and self)

There were many wonderful pieces, a truly exhilarating show. If I were to describe everything that excited me I would never see my pillow :). The list of the participating artists is below, I have underlined the prize winners, check out all the work. But even more, if you are in the area, this show is definitely worth the trip!!!

here are the particulars ~
In-Between @ The Gallery at Worcester State University
Ghosh Science and Technology Building, First Floor
486 Chandler Street, Worcester, Mass
Gallery hours:Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 1-4 pm
On view September 11 – December 2

The artists: Erica Aubin, Susan Bennett, Claire Burke, Mary Calkins, Kathleen Cammarata, Peter Ciccariello, Don Collette, Pamela Cooper, Linda Dagnello, Myles Dunigan, Catherine Evans, Virginia Fitzgerald, Diane Francis, Tom Grady, Gillian Haven, Debra Horan, C.M. Judge, Lynn Johnson, Ena Keo-Thompson, Zehra Khan, David Lang, John LaPrade, Jeannine Lazzaro, Charles Lemay, Andrea Lilienthal, Jane Lincoln, Anni Lorenzini, Jonathan Lucas, Coelynn McCinnich, Denise Manseau, Sarah Meyers, Robert Morgan, Martha Monroe, Ashley Parent, Marcy Pope, Susan Post, Pamela Redick, Alya Romeos, Jacqueline Ross, Donalyn Scholfield, Leslie Schomp, Mari Seder, Wendy Seller, Susan Swinand, Elizabeth Thach, Timothy Winn, Peter Wise, Agnes Wyant
(top photo is Birsh book by Donalyn Scholfield)


  1. Your review of the In Between show was great with lots of helpful insight. Thank you.
    Your list of exhibitors, however, included 2 people who were not in the show. Would you mind telling us where your list came from?

  2. Celine - I just cut and pasted the list on the Worcester State University site - here is the link ~


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