Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day of the Dead dress

As so often happens with me, I started doing one thing and ended up making a dress.  Suddenly this afternoon I discovered I had a free moment so I thought I'd start to take down the Halloween decorations!?! When I was removing some of the creepy spiderwebs from one of our trees,  I found that they were quite stubbornly stuck. While wrestling with them I realized that instead of removing them (since they clearly did NOT want to come off) I should really just make a dress out of them. 

I loved this idea for many reasons ~ the first reason being that lately I have really been hankering to make a dress outside ~ it is such a joy to be creating in the elements.  Another reason is ever since my daughter had wrapped the tree with these cottony webs I wanted to make a 'webby' dress.  Lastly, this year I had yet to make a Halloween dress, so I thought this will be my Halloween dress, just one day late.  But as I pushed and pulled the strands around I realized that this was not a wispy, cobwebby dress, it had more of a ghostly feel, a spirit dress, a perfect  Day of the Dead dress

So here is a dress for the spirit world.  And when the wind blew, the skirt of the dress would start to float as if she had a place to go.  But then, when the breeze ceased, this dress seemed to have changed her mind and would settle back into the bark.  

I wonder if she will stay the night or if she will drift off into this clear, cold night?!? A teacher of mine pointed out, as I was saying I didn't like the shorter days, that this is the time of year when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest.  This is a time to dream, to be quiet and listen to our muses.  As the time of darkness grows we have more time for reverie (if we can walk away from our computers, TVs and other eletronics).  So on that note  . . .

Good Night, Sweet Dreams & Peace


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    1. thanks Suzi!!! xxx
      I am preparing for an upcoming lecture so I am reading old blog posts and I am finding comments that I haven't seen before. That is a very serendipitous since it is always a bit nerve-wracking to present a lecture.
      hope you and yours are well!!! xxx


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