Monday, November 7, 2011

Heading South!!

I am very so excited because I am packing up to head down south to Mystic, CT to lead an all day workshop tomorrow!!! The workshop is in conjunction to the Mystic Art Center's exhibit, Form & Fantasy: A Contemporary Twist on Fiber Art, in which I have a piece ~ 'insatiable'.

The day is split into two sessions ~ organic crocheting in the morning, based on my creatures and wraps, and collaging, based on my daily dress project, in the afternoon.  The broad focus of the workshop is creating while focusing on process over product

Both of the bodies of work that have inspired these workshops are produced in a very organic way.  I am more interested in the process and getting my thinking-mind out of the way, than the product!!  Secondly, reusing materials is a main theme in both these works so i am planning to high light the wonders of reclaiming the materials that surrounds us ~ most of the daily dress pages are based on some piece of detritus that inspired me during that day!! 

Lastly,  both of these bodies of work thrill me ~ my creatures and daily dresses are a huge passion for me so I am hoping that it will be easy for me to share.

So I am filling my car with my endless collections of stuff - vcr tape, electrical cords, candy wrappers, and so much more!!! I so enjoy teaching and leading workshops as they allow allow me to share my passions, and they also give me the time and excuse to make art!  Getting the time and 'band width' to be creative during the day is usually quite difficult when trying to make a living as an artist:(  But tomorrow I will be sharing some of my skills to a group of teachers who, hopefully,  will teach to their classes, so the tradition & passion will continue!! 

 xxx & peace!!

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