Saturday, July 14, 2012

worlds collide, in a good way

Like many artists I juggle many jobs to help pay the bills. One of these jobs is making and distributing my dresscards. Another of those jobs is helping Judy Labins with her lovely interior design shop Shafer O'Neil Interior Design.  

I have worked with Judy for a few years now and it is a wonderful working relationship.  Besides being able to go to work in a stunning setting twice a week, Judy has always supported my art.  

She has showcased a number of my sculptural dresses in the shop's window over the years. (click here to see the past windows)  And this month we have put my beach dress photos in the window.


And to add to all that, this week I delivered a group of my dresscards to the shop!!! Shafer O'Neil does not usually carry cards but Judy felt these were unique enough for her store.  And I made these especially for the shop ~ instead of using the ordinary origami papers and created papers based on the interior design fabrics that Judy uses in her design work. 

 I am very happy with the way these cards turned out.  These cards have just reaffirmed an idea that I was flirting with, about designing/making my own papers to use for the dresses.  It makes the dresscards even more one-of-a-kind.

So I am happy to announce now TWO wonderful shops are carrying my dresscards ~ Artisans Way, Concord, MA and Shafer O'Neil Interior Design, Wellesley, MA, and I am working on more.  (If you have a store and would like to carry these cards please leave a comment below and I'll contact you)

I am also trying to figure out the best way to sell them on-line . . .any suggestions?? if so, I would love to hear them.  I have gotten nice comments on FB and I have been considering Etsy, but I need more information.  

Bottom line is, especially now that I am divorced and on my own, I need to figure out ways of making that thing called money that everyone seems to want :). 
But I am in good company, as I noted above ~ like many artists I juggle many jobs to help pay the bills.

wishing all a wonderful and cool :) weekend! Peace

amen, sister!!!

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