Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Traveling dresses and dates to SAVE!!!

Just to keep everyone up to date 
(there seems to be  A LOT going on right now!!! :)
~ here are a few announcements from the studio ~ 
Persephone's dress
don't slip
eat your vegetables

clementine dress
 Just sent these pieces off to the Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh, NY for their Yumilicious! exhibit. 

 This was the first time that I printed 'don't slip' and 'Persephone's dress' as large photographs which is always exciting.  And while placing my printing order I decided to throw in 'sizzzzle' which I will be showing this weekend at Open studios!!

Yes, save the date, mark your calendar ~ 
this weekend is Natick Artist's Open Studios!!! 
The excitement and craziness is growing in the Natick Artist community 
as we all dig out our studios, trying to make it navigable for our visitors.

I will be camped out in my wonderful studio at 
There hopefully will be many balloons guiding the way. 
I am planning to have dresscards, dressmats, dresstags and 
my new series of collages, as well as other interesting artistic adventures.  

And remember you can ALWAYS bring some green/brownish fiber like material to add to 'insatiable'  When I was performing her at JP Knits for their Yarn Crawl people came in with lots of items.  One family came in with old soccer socks which we cut into strips and added to the beast.  It was such fun ~ all three siblings, ranging ages 4 -10, were nestled in to the couch, crocheting and NOT wanting to go :) 
And lastly ~ 


for 'Upon Further Consideration' at Regis College, 
on Friday, October 26th, 
David Lang and I will be hosting a closing reception.  

There is also supposed to be a gallery talk that afternoon so the finer details will be coming.  So if you have not seen the show and needed an extra reason to go - you now have a the reason ~ a party!!

Hope to see you at one of these arty occasions!!!

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