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Have the vision to recognize a good thing . . .

while writing a new blog a came to realize that I don't think this one ever got posted?!? so if that is the case - here is a post written a few months ago . . .

lucky penny
I am happy to announce that I am one of the 6 participating artists in 
Fountain Street Fine Art's recent endeavor ~ 

This is a inspired way to collect some 
great, original ART 
at easy on your wallet prices :).  

The idea is similiar to Community Supported Agriculture but instead of getting shares of a garden's output you get a share of a gallery's selected artist's output.  

Below you will find a more thorough description of this program, as well as links to each artists' web/blog and a special CSArt blog with artist's statements and more. (click here for my page)

I have been very excited about this prospect from the first time I was ask to participate.  
My mind has been spinning with different ideas for my 'share' of the 'shares'.  

One of the circling thoughts is to make individual Daily Dresses pieces, not in a book :0 (say it isn't so).  Many people have suggested that I should take my daily dress journals apart so that each piece can stand on its own.  I can't imagine doing that, BUT I have been playing with the idea of making these mixed~media snapshots of my daily going-on on separate pieces of paper or board?!?!
'dress of installation' (6/3/12) mixed media on mdf
I experimented this weekend with the detritus of a day that I helped a friend install a sign.  I call this piece, 'dress of installation'. The jury is still out about how I feel about if these pieces can stand on their own?!?! 
But I do like the idea of some kind of mixed media piece for the CSArt.

marker on mdf ~ medium density fiberboard
I have also thought about pulling out my inks, rollers and brayers and do a woodcut or such!?!? or drawings or little dress collages ~ the possibilities are endless. 
But as u can tell this idea of creating a special treasure  for the lucky share holders  thrills  me    !!!!  
strata ~ mixed media on canvas
So if you have thought about investing in 'local' artists, 

or want to ‘grow’ you art collection ~ 

this is 
for you!!*
(*you will al$o be helping out some wonderful & worthy artists)

Community Supported ART (CSArt@FSFA)
Many local residents are familiar with community-supported agriculture, (CSA) a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, many arts organizations have started a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors.  Fountain Street Fine Art is starting its own CSArt to put original art from the hands of local artists into the hands of thirty lucky locals!
 CSArt@FSFA is modeled on wildly popular programs throughout the country, including a successful Art CSA program adopted last year by the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. 
The six artists participating in this year’s CSArt@FSFA are Lisa BarthelsonCheryl ClintonMarie CraigVirginia FitzgeraldKay Hartung, and Jeanne Williamson, all Core and Associate members of the gallery. Find out more about the artists at

Here’s how the CSArt@FSFA works:

-Each Share costs $360.  ONLY 30 shares will be sold, to keep the quality high.  
-Each shareholder will receive six works of art at an "Art Harvest" party in the fall, one by each of 6 different artists.
-Each work of art will be a unique, signed original piece. Artists will decide what to make; each piece will be about 12x12 inches or smaller.

Shares are selling at a steady pace, and will be available through the end of June (to allow the artists plenty of time to create the work) or until sold out.

We've attached a press release and FAQ with more information, as well as jpegs of example pieces by our participating artists. Please contact us for additional photos of the artists at work and examples of their art.

Thank you,
Marie and Cherie

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