Monday, August 19, 2013

Currently on my worktable . . .

 my contribution to
This is a project that I LOVE!!
As I mentioned in a past post, me and uteri
this project jump started my creative juices 
and the process has been very gratifying. 

I plan to add more beads along the fallopian tubes 
and stitch the flower/uterus piece of fabric to the lace.  
But otherwise I believe it is near completion, 
which is good as it is due 
at the end of the month.

This post is an example of a newer approach 
I am taking with this blog ~
showing work in progress. 

I want to do this for a few reasons:
first, I love to see other artist's processes.  
Secondly, I am hoping use this blog
 as a way to 'curate' an exhibition ~

In a few months I am part of 
a two person show at Fountain Street Fine Art.  
I am showing with the talented Anne Gilson
and I still am not completely 
sure what I am going to show.  
(don't tell anyone :)

So to feign off panic
 I thought I'd post shorter post with 
the work that excites me, 
the work that I am using 
my precious time to create,
the work in all it's glory, 
in all its different states.

 And maybe via the lens of my blog, 
I will see a pattern or a direction to take 
for this show?!?! 

Also I would love to hear what you, 
faithful my readers, 
see or think about the work.

Collaboration is a wonderful 
and powerful tool!
So feel free to email me 
or leave a comment!!
Now back to the worktable ~
thank you & peace

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