Sunday, September 15, 2013

the uterus is in the mail . . .

Finally I  got this piece, 'garden of eden' into the mail, to be included in Helen 

I am so excited about this piece and this project and
I even got my sweetie Harriet to participate.

Harriet's contribution, a uterus covered with coins
This piece/project has inspired an entire series of fiber organs which I hope to have finished for my up-coming show, 'breaking open' with Anne Gilson at Fountain Street Fine Art!

 Posted here are images of completed and/or in progress Uterii that are a part of the now traveling EUP: Art of Resistance Exhibition. The project was initiated in the spring of 2012 in reaction to the most current ‘War on Women.’ Artists and educators Alison Gates and Helen Klebesadel decided to offer feminists the opportunity to participate in this collaborative art project to channel some of the rage we were experiencing at the attacks on women’s reproductive health in this political environment, and to raise funds for women's reproductive health organizations. The response has been overwhelming. Plans are underway to create a fundraising catalog and to make it possible for others to participate in the digital part of this project. In the meantime you can find the fabric to participate here: The original exhibition's path (Future venues in the works): Union Art Gallery, UW-Milwaukee, September 2013 Armory Gallery, UW-Madison, March 2013, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, January 2013 Steinhilber Art Gallery, UW-Oshkosh, September 2012

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