Friday, November 21, 2014

from the atelier, week #47 (aka a week in review)

This week i finished my latest #wellnesswrap,
finished for a friend who is fighting breast cancer.
this has been my response to the news 
of a friend battling cancer, 
i crochet . . .

 i start with a color and then the shawl grows  
organically  . . .
i am never quite sure 
where it will go. 

this one surprised me with a button and a collar.
below is a link about the first #wellnesswrap and the thoughts behind this practice:

also this week i received this picture of a card that i designed for a friend 
who lost her husband earlier this year. 
she has been a long time fan of my dailydress inspirations 
but we felt that a dress wouldn't be appropriate 
so i learned how to make an origami star. 
since she needed a good number of cards, 
i got them printed. 
i am so happy with the way the origami still has some of the 3D quality, 
i'm consider creating 
a set of quote and origami notecards . . .
any suggestions for which quotes to print?!?!?

'casted sun rise . . . .'
and to wrap up this w.i.r. 
here are some of this 
week's photos from my
 #fromthelandofdragons series
(especially for those of you not on FB and/or instagram . . . :) 

'one if these things is not like the others . . . ' 

'top of the morning' . . . '
thank you for visiting and peace . . .

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