Sunday, November 2, 2014

November . . . the month I take back my studio!!!

I was in my studio last week and I realized that it had been about 
one and a half years 
since I had last really worked there!!! 
(cringe, sob, faint!!!)
 NO MORE!!! 
This month I am #takingbackmystudio ~ 
and to start off this adventurous month, 
here is a printable calendar for us all . . .

I will be using it to keep track of all the coming days that I am going to my studio!!! 
And I plan to be posting visuals of this grand adventure on my instagram account 
with #takingbackmystudio, if you are curious . . . . 

to access this calendar either click on this link to go to Flickr 
where you can download the calendar or just click on 

the calendar above 
and then right click for the option to download the image.

If you are having any technical issues just leave me a comment and 
we will figure out what needs to be done :D

I hope you enjoy your calendar ~

Happy November and

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