Friday, March 6, 2015

flower friday

The first news for flower friday is to announce that both my entries were accepted into the Flower Show at the Attleboro Arts Museum.
'guppy . . .' 
This is the first time that I have submitted anything from my #landofthedragons series, so I am quite pleased with the response.

'pandora's box . . .'
The exhibit runs from  March 12th – 15th, and as a special perk I am going to be one of the artists participating in their live art demo.  I will be 'creating' on Thursday, Mar. 12th 1-4pm.

The Attleboro Arts Museum Flower Show is one of the organization’s largest and most anticipated annual fundraising events. Now in its 19th year, the Flower Show celebrates the beauty, wonder and complexity of nature with its 2015 theme of “Rainforest: Canopy of Color.”Image: Kay Kopper

The other 'flower' news is that I am delivering my 'tree of life' mural today!!! I finished the flowers last night and I am heading to the studio to make sure everything is ready for transport.  

This has been the most amazing experience and I am sure I will have some post-pardum separation once this piece leaves my studio wall.  But I am also so ready to see the entire piece, which is too big for me to see all of it in my studio.  A few weeks ago I had to roll up the canvas so that I could work on the flowers. 

This week I had the immense pleasure of Maya joining me one evening while I painted.  She took this photo of me at work and I think it shows the scale of the piece quite well.
also as a social media note: she posted this picture of me painting on instagram and she has told me that she has received a record number of likes for the post :) woohoo!! 

how it looked when I left the studio last night
So last night as I left my studio I had the wonderful and odd feeling that this project may be complete!! And to top off the pleasure of 'finishing'  I was blessed by encountering these exquisite creatures sauntering up my street.  It was quite magical as it was late, the roads empty, the moon bright and it was just me and my new 4 hoofed friends.  I drove with them up the hill to get them closer to some wooded area because even though they seemed quite at home in the middle of the street I thought it would be best to get them off the roads.  But boy was it such a treat to see!! 

peace, va

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