Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#wip wednesday: #breathingtoanewbeat

planning to add a few more elements, creating smaller areas to color

Wow, I am always amazed on fast the weeks go by!! 

Many things on the to-do list and just not enough time.  

But here is one of the projects that I'm squeezing into this week.

Thanks to the wonders of Instagram, I discovered the artist/illustrator CurlyPops who lives in  Melbourne Victoria, Australia and describes herself as: 

"Textile Designer, Crafter, Illustrator, sometimes Blogger & Coffee lover.
Double lung transplant recipient 2013."

As you may notice, we have similiar interests/talents/loves(coffee!!!) but where we vary is that CurlyPops, Cam, had a successful double lung transplant in 2013!!! And as a way to show her gratitude for her "second chance at life" she is creating a fund-raising coloring book for the Lung and Heart Transplant Trust Victoria and she put a call out to all 'creative types' who would be interested in donating a design!!!

who needs a light table when the sun is out?!?!?

Let's see . . . illustrating a page of a coloring book?!?! (LOVE coloring books) and a good cause?!?! I emailed her and added my name to the many contributors from around the world?!?!? How cool, huh??

thanks to photoshop I can draw the different elements and
then combined them into one design!
So I took one of my favorite (and quite apropos) quotes/reminders; "breathe, deeply, repeat", and incorporated it into a design with some of my favorite images; a teapot, teacup and a lunamoth.  I plan to add the prerequisite stars and patterns, and voila, my contribution to the #breathingtoanewbeat coloring book.

Now, back to the proverbial drawing board (aka my computer)
Did I mention that I am having so much fun?!?!?
Happy Wednesday!! & peace,
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