Thursday, October 22, 2015

On the other side of Open Studios!!

Well that was quick, open studios came and went in a blink of an eye!!! 
My studio moved into the ha;; for easier access ....
I was so pleasantly surprised by the number of people who were able to find me and my studio.  For anyone who has been to my studio they know it is not the easiest place to find, even when you are confident in where you are going ... up the loading dock, up the darkened stairwell, through the heavy fire door and turn left.  :)

photo by David Lee Black
he captured me installing and dancing with 'flirt...' 

one of my many ploys to
help people find my studio

And since I was the only Natick artist that was opened their studio in that part of the building, I didn't think many would come.  But, what is the saying .... 
"build it and they will come" which they did, making it quite a successful weekend. 

And as usual, I have so much to say, ponder and share about the weekend, but today I must be brief!! So I am going to let others share their vision of my studio and their experience!!! 

photo by Ruth Nelson

photo by Ruth Nelson

Here are some photos from some wonderful photographers that dropped by ... David Lee Black , Annie Messier and Ruth Nelson and then check out the blog written by one of my studio visitors, a rather famous visitor, one with their own blog, Moonieandme?!?! 

me and Moonie
Click the below link and check out Moonie's visit to my studio.  It appears that he truly enjoyed himself.  And be sure to check out Moonie's earlier post which talks about his visit to the magical land of David Lang's studio.  

peace, va

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