Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#wip wednesday: so many art happenings ....

a quick post from the road, as I am college visiting with my eldest and have a few minutes before I need to wake my teen. and there is so much going on ...

'kitchentableseries ... on the road' Yonkers, NY

first, tonight is the opening reception for 'Art on the Common' in Natick:
An outdoor art installation in celebration of our common connection to community and shared art. We have several interpretations from talented and well known local artists adorning the ground and trees @ Common Street Spiritual Center...the Opening Night is starting @ 6 o'clock in the evening Wednesday October 14 so we can capture some of the falling away sunlight....sun starts to set at 6:07P:-) 
But come whenever you can and then join us at Gallery 55 across Main St. to say hello, and please stay for Poetry Night at 7:30PM. The Art of the Common will be in place for a few weeks and just in time for Natick Artists Open Studios.
Local artists for Art on the Common include Scott Pressler Virginia Fitzgerald Carmine Saccardo Karin Stanley John Mottern Anna Coburn, and Molly Saccardo, and a huge thank you goes out to all of them and to Ian Mevorach at Common St. who facilitated and inspired the vision of ART on the COMMON.
Common Street Spiritual Center is at 13 Common St. Natick, MA 01760 across from backside of the Town Common and next to Post Office. 

'skywarrior II ...' is holding court again, on the corner of School st and Common St. Although this time she is being a bit shy!! Many folks have said that they can't find her, that i need to move her, add streamers to her, and I have declined.  I feel that she is who she is no matter where she flies.  If in this locale she is feeling the need to blend in, so be it!!! 

So if you are in the area tonight, stop by or any other time, see if you can find her. Maybe she will take a shining to you and appear!!!

Then this weekend is the 

I took off last year for personal reasons but I am back!! And I will be showing some matted illustrations, drawing from the #kitchentableseries and some paintings!!!!
one of a series of oyster painting in gouache
It will be interesting as this year I am the only artist in the upper floors of the building and it is only David Lang and myself in all of the Winchell Building?!?!?!

kitchen table series 
But David and I always have fun and I am looking forward to TWO days STRAIGHT in my studio!! 
well it is time to tour the campus of Fordham!! 

thanks for joining me here on my art blog!! 
 peace, va

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