Friday, October 30, 2015

getting out the votes!!!!

yes, you are right  ... isn't it too soon to be campaigning for the next president?!?!? 
But I am NOT talking about that kind of voting!!
click here to place your vote for my design 
I talking about voting for MY design for 
Spoonflower's 2016 calendar dish towel contest!!! 

I finally submitted a design to the weekly contests hosted by Spoonflower!!
something i have wanted to do for a long time.  
And since I LOVE dish towels and love calendars 
this was a contest I couldn't pass up!!! 

Now the voting can be a bit confusing for some ... 
so if you are having some issues, hopefully these visuals will help.
but do remember it is NOT as complicated as it may look :)

here is Spoonflower's home page, 
which you will see if you click 

Click on the box on the left that says "VOTE ..."
you will then be brought to this page:

now click on box on the right:

(or if you click HERE, this link takes you directly to the voting page)

you should then be on the voting page which will look 
something  like this:

but they state clearly "Designs are ordered randomly for each person who votes." 
which means the order of the the designs vary for each voter 
so you may not see my design right away so then you will need to scroll down. 
And if you are not finding it then refresh your page and you will get a different order

once you find my design, click of the check mark to select!!

after that you can click 'submit' or vote for other designs.  
There are some really nice designs 

 once you submit you will get a dialogue box like the one pictured below and you will need to type in the text that you see (this is Spoonflower's way of making sure each vote is done by a real person)

once you submit your the correct text :) 
you will get a page saying 

from which you can share your activity on Facebook or Twitter!!
(I am suddenly getting the allure of social media!)

You can also order this design and make your own dishtowel!!! 
Spoonflower prints on many different types of fabrics and makes gift papers.
I have always been happy with my orders from Spoonflower!

I am hoping to post some more designs on my Spoonflower 'store', 
(yes I have a store :) Can you tell that I am having some fun?!?!? 

peace & thank you!!! x

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