Friday, June 3, 2016

Tonight, some of my girls are holding court in Rockland, ME

'artist from the blue moon ...'/
'black widow ..'
'provocative ...' holding court 
review of "WHAT YOU SEE ..."
This week I took a mini road trip to deliver some of my work up north, where I had the pleasure to meet Jana Hawick and see her beautiful gallery, Carver Hill Gallery, in the artsy coastal town of Rockland, ME.  

Last month three of my 'lilith contemplating ...' photographs were part of Carver Hill's season opening exhibit, "WHAT YOU SEE".  An engaging collection of 'digital and photographic compositions from 7 artist including Sharon Arnold, Craig Becker, Nadine Boughton, Virginia Fitzgerald, Seth Lester, Elizabeth Opalenik, Agnes Riverin.' 

This show received a wonderful review by Daniel Kany for the Portland Press Herald (click here for more info)

And this month I am so honored to be included in Carver Hill's exhibit FEMMetonymy,  which opens tonight!! and runs through June 28th.  

the catalog for the exhibit

“FEMMetonymy,” a show featuring:
Maryjean Viano Crowe, Virginia Fitzgerald and Lesia Sochor.

I am honored to be part of this provocative exhibition.  I have contributed many pieces from my 'dressproject'; sculptures, large and small, and numerous collages. 

'precious ...' and 'bird by bird ...'

  In gathering the collage pieces I realized that I have three different collage series: 'home, sweet, home?!? ' (2012), 'la petite robe ...' (2012) and the newest collage series, 'alice ...' All of the series start with images of picture perfect environments from catalogs and magazine, to which I add a surreal touch and usually a dress or two.  ' we are all mad here ...' is the first of that series and is debuting tonight.
'we are all mad here ...'

The sculptures in this exhibit are  some of the 'dressproject's stars!!! 

'provocative ...' is holding court at the front of the gallery, strong and straight.  

'black widow ...' is standing tall by the gallery's desk, accompanied by 'artist from the blue moon ...' on her right. 

'this is me, a work in progress ...'

I am so happy to be showing 'this is me, a work in progress ...' in such a lovely space, and there is the room for her to be viewed from all sides, showing off all her spots of embroidery.  

'this is me, a work in progress ...' detail

'red warrior ...' and 'precious ...' also made the trip making this a good representation of my 'dressproject'.  

Lastly Carver Hill is offering for sale my book, 'the dressproject, the beginning ...' allowing anyone to learn how my obsession with the dress began.
'red warrior ...' , 'black widow ...' (in the background)

So if you are in the area, make sure to drop by the gallery.  

And if you are not in the area, then it is time for a road trip!!!  
'provocative ...' 

'lilith contemplates sanctuary ...'/
'lilith contemplates cutting the grass ...'

Show / gallery details:

FEMMetonymy opens on First Friday, June 3, 2016 from 5 – 8 PM and runs through June 28.

Gallery Hours

MAY 27 through the summer
Mon through Sat ~ 10:30 - 5
Sun ~ 11 - 3

 'follow your art!'



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