Thursday, May 29, 2008

Casualty from the Arsenal

Well, the show at the Arsenal Center for the Arts is over & the eggshell dress did not survive the move back to my studio. This was not a complete surprise – on the way to set up the show the U~haul truck that I used had horrible shocks which took its toll on the internal structure of that dress. The dress got back to the studio in one piece with just a hole, however it was listing and that was the problem. But she held up for the entire show and now who know what her future holds. Even though the dress is now in two pieces this does not mean that the dress is finished,
just heading into a new phase. One of the things that the Dress Project has taught me is how fluid the creative process is. I am excited to work with eggshells again and I am very curious about how the new version will emerge. For me, I find excitement and enjoyment in the process and figuring out the puzzle. So the eggshell adventure continues… peace!

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