Monday, May 12, 2008

coming up for air

The Arsenal center for the Arts' show is installed and I have a welcomed moment to breathe. The center offers a perfect setting for displaying my dresses ~ on their tiered platforms. This is the biggest exhibit of the Dress Project with 8 full sized sculptures ( 3 sculptures had not been shown before), 13 framed photos of the ephemeral dresses and 5 2d dresses in different media. It is exciting to see all these different aspects of the Dress Project exhibited together. It is also fun to watch how people react to the pieces. The Arsenal Center for the Arts is also home for the New Repertory Theater and Steve & I were lucky enough to be able to see the current performance ~ Dessa Rose. The musical was quite thought provoking and engaging, I highly recommend it. But I had a special treat that night, by being a fly on the wall during
intermission while the theater goers viewed my work.

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