Sunday, May 18, 2008

dress for the fairy queen

Yesterday my girls and I attended a "Fairy House Event” hosted by the Wellesley Conservation Council celebrating the council's 50th anniversary. We met at Pickle Point Sanctuary in Wellesley and each child adopted a tree to build their own fairy house using natural materials gathered in the surroundings. It was quite an enjoyable affair on a beautiful day. I, of course, had to get into the act. I found myself in heaven as I combed the ground for different natural material with which to create my fairy’s dwelling. It brought me back to Wells Beach and the start of the Dress Project. So upon returning I was drawn into our backyard by the glorious weather and found myself inspired by a nook in our garden – perfect for a fairy’s house. Surrounding the area were all these fallen ‘seed pods’?? – I am not sure what they are. I immediately fell in love with these ‘pods’ because of their resemblance to a worm or caterpillar and how they moved. So with an inspired place and material I got to work on a dress.

It was glorious to be out in nature making a dress again. Since the show at the Arsenal I have been revisited by the original inspiration of the dresses – just make dresses out of everything and anything. One idea that is always in the back of my brain is a dress of ‘red worms’ – inspired by the worms in our compost. So I enjoyed working with these worm like botanical ‘pods’.

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