Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For all those who were wondering.....

I got my stitches out and I am getting back to the studio. I must confess it has been a frustrating few weeks - not being able to work and especially not being able to get my hands WET! ~ an act that I will never take for granted again!!! So today as I was puttering around my studio, getting back into the swing of things, finishing up another mini~dress I celebrated having my hands free again! I was using some water based black stain and realized that I was pleased when my hands got black because I could wash them (it is amazing the wonders of small miracles) .... but then I remembered that I have always wanted to experiment with making a dress out of fingerprints!!!
What a great way to celebrate getting back to work and getting my hands dirty. Of course this is a no mistake kind of deal and the dress was getting wider than I wanted. But I also had fun overlapping the prints to create some dimension in the skirt. Definitely more fingerprint dresses to come. I was also wondering about using stain instead of ink, etc... So great to be back and be pondering these issues!!! Peace


thank you for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment ~ it is always a gift to get feedback!! so thx and peace ~