Friday, December 4, 2009

poetry friday

this week I found the book 100 essential modern poems by women, edited by Joseph Parisi and Kathleen Welton at my local library. In this volume besides the 100 poems there are small biographies of each of the 49 women poets which I found as interesting to read as the poems!! while leafing through the pages of this wonderful find I came across this poem by May Swenson which i thought i'd share today. Along with this poem I have posted some of the photos that I took while in Portland, OR when my friend and i made the bread dresses.

Neither wanting more
by May Swenson

To lie with you
in a field of grass
to lie there forever
and let time pass

Touching lightly
shoulder and thigh
Neither wanting more
Neither asking why

To have your whole
cool body's length
along my own
to know the strength
of a secret tide
of longing seep
into our veins
go deep...deep

Dissolving flesh
and melting bone
Oh, to lie with you

To feel your breast
rise with my sigh
To hold you mirrored
in my eye

Neither wanting more
Neither asking why
~ peace


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