Thursday, April 15, 2010

from the mouth of babes.....

I needed to write a quick bio of myself as an artist and my 6th grade daughter, Maya, was hoovering around because she wanted to play. I needed to get the write up done so to 'distract' her I asked her to edit my writing (she is a very good writer). She read what i wrote, said grammatically it was ok but it was dry ~ didn't really represent me as an artist.... interesting comments & not too surprising since my strengths are more in the visual world. But i had a deadline and so i continued my dry commentary. Maya quietly disappeared, i figured she felt that i was a lost cause. But soon she reappeared, with her write-up of the artist Virginia Fitzgerald. I was blown away - not only that she went and wrote this, but she REALLY got me and my work. It was such a gift ~ as an artist and her mother. I was so touched that she sees & understands the work that i am doing. And I think she really expressed it well, so from the mouth of a tween (totally unedited by me).....
Virginia Fitzgerald is inspired by the world around her, current events, mother nature and the activities she does with her family. Each sculpture makes the viewer feel a different emotion. Each dress has a different meaning woven through the unexpected materials she uses to make these works of art. They go from toothpicks to dog tags to poems to anything in reach. Virginia Fitzgerald is a great artist.
~ Maya
(& a very proud mom!!!)


  1. Wonderful! Love it! You are fantastic!

  2. thanks Pearle - aren't we lucky to have creative girls!!!


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