Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun with Eggs!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Spring, Easter, Passover or whatever you celebrate when this season of rebirth and renewal approaches. At my house we could not pass up the tradition of dying eggs so we invited over some friends and made a mess!! the girls experimented with all combinations of color mixing. I was able to convince them to let me decorate one egg and got my white crayon and preformed a bit of magic ~ did my scribbling, showed them the 'blank' egg then popped it is the blue dye to watch a dress appear. there were some oo's and ah's!! We also had the straight food coloring so I tried to accentuate the inside of the dress by dropping some color right on the egg. i am not sure if it really made a difference in the end ~ but it looked cool in the bowl!

Once the dress dried I had some fun photographing it ~ this egg found itself in many a place!! My favorite was with the porcelain lady!!! It balanced quite well. Now my youngest wants to save all the shells from the colored eggs and do something with them ~ wonder where she would get such an idea?!? :)

Also I wanted to thank everyone who has been sending me good wishes and thoughts during my hand surgery and recovery. Just a quick update ~ things are healing well!!! I am finally off my IV antibiotics :) and out of a 'cast'. Now i am working on getting the hand back to its old strength and flexibility!!! The best thing is that I seem to have finally gotten my old energy back!!!! I feel like my old self - and she was MIA for many of the past months. I am sure the newly arrived beautiful weather has helped, however since the initial incident i have just not had my 'umph' and i missed it SO!!! I know I still need to watch my qi (as my acupuncturist tells me ~ 'watch out for super woman' ~ one of my life lessons) But it feels so good to feel like me again!!!
This hand image is one of my favorites ~ tea on watercolor paper. With all the medical doings and my low energy there have been times when my internal critics/my monkeys had been getting quite vocal. A favorite topic of theirs is the legitimacy of me being an artist. I love this hand because it is physical proof to my critic that I am an artist and in fact live and breathe art. why this hand u may ask.... well I was just having a cup of tea when i looked at the tea bag and thought I want to make a hand with tea!!! It just helps me to calm the critics when I realize I must do art or I will die. In fact one of my idols, Kiki Smith, was written up in the NYT last Sunday and I had to smile when she was molding clay during the interview and said "If I don't do something, I'll faint,".


  1. Hey Virginia,
    you help me realize there is art in everything...I see it more around me now. Isn't that what an artist does?
    Thanks for that.


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