Monday, September 5, 2011

Dress 'bombing' in Portsmouth, NH

Today, daughter Maya and I took to the road to one of our favorite New England hamlets ~ Portsmouth, NH.  While there I got the idea of sprinkling the town with 'good fortune' dresses.  

 It started while waiting at Starbuck's.  Not being one to have idle hands - I made a dress out of an index card that i had in my pocket.  After I made it I thought it would be fun to put it in a corner with a bit of good fortune on it for the one who may find it. 

dress#1 ~ "may this dress bring u joy!
starbuck's, 1 Market Squ. 

 Maya and I liked the idea so much that we found some beautiful origami papers and made a few more, which we carefully placed around downtown Portsmouth.


dress#2 ~ "for you who finds this dress, may you have a yummy meal!
me & ollie's, 10 Pleasant St.

dress#3 ~ "may this dress bring the finder personal satisfaction"
a planter on Congress St.

dress #4 ~ "may this dress bring u a good night's sleep"
random car on Congress St.

dress #5 " may this dress bring you love"
Riverrun Bookstore, 20 Congress St.

dress #6 ~ "to the finder of this dress ~ find good fortune"
shoe store on Market St.

who knows if anyone may find one of these dresses, or for that matter pick it up! But it was fun to quietly dapple downtown Portsmouth with some good thoughts.  But now, watch out, because who knows where dress will pop up next??? 

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all!! Peace 

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  1. I love this idea! Please come to Florida...we wear sundresses!


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