Tuesday, September 20, 2011

on the road again . . .

Last week I once again packed up my Red Alert Cocktail Dress to take her on the road.  This time she was going to the Boston Children's Museum for the In the Bag exhibit.  It is quite a production so I thought I'd share some of the journey.

first I take off all the bottles...

& refresh any that are cloudy...

then I pack everything up....
waiting in the hall to be loaded

all loaded on the pushcart

in the freight elevator

on the loading dock of my studio

unloading at the BCM in the gallery

& the rebuilding begins....

in all her glory at the opening reception!!!
The BCM did a great job displaying the Red Alert Cocktail Dress!! 
and the opening reception was quite a wonderful event ~ besides the inspiring & provocative exhibit put together by Liz Milwe and Peter Wormserwe dined on Island Creek Oysters from Duxbury, MA, so yum!!!  
Then the party walked over to Lot F Gallery in a glorious Fall evening, where we viewed the work of Todd Robertson, dined on delicious Thai food and danced, 
it was a wonderful evening!!

I am so honored that Red Alert Cocktail Dress was included in this significant show!!
Click here it read a press release talking about the importance of this exhibit.
thank you & peace

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