Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dana's 'giving and receiving' dress is in the works

This week I have started another collaborative 'dress' with the Dana Hall Students, this time exclusively with the middle school.  And I am so excited because I am finally going to be able to create the 'giving and receiving' dress.

This dress is based on my dresstag practice, how I leave small, origami dresses, with good intentions or fortunes on them, in random places. If you follow me on instagram or Facebook you might have seen one or two pictures of these 'dresstags'.

For the 'giving and receiving' dress I am teaching the students how to make their own origami dresses and asking them to write their own fortune/intention on the back.  The response has been wonderful.  I am leaving extra origami paper in the art room so students can come in and make more dresses.  

I am hoping for a great number because I am going to use the small origami dresses that the students make to construct a large dress form on a wall in the school.  Once the dress is created on the wall, then the students will be invited to take a dresstag, which will deconstruct the large wall dress.  Also each student will get a dress with a good fortune on it ~ giving and receiving.

So my collection of dresses is growing and the fortunes that I have seen are priceless.  This is what I love about collaborative projects ~ everyone comes to the project with their own, unique gifts, opinions, thoughts and ideas.  Some of these fortunes I would never have thought of and I love them!!! 

A particular favorite is "may this dress keep the monsters in their own closet!" ~ priceless.

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