Tuesday, May 28, 2013

deadheads and skinny dipping

Last week I had the time to indulge 
my omnipresent passion
 and I made a dress!! 
'deadhead' dress
Inspiration struck during a morning dog walk, in front of the studio of the wonderful David Lang
Earlier in the week he proudly shared with me how our mutual friend, the lovely and talented Christina Zwart, had filled his studio's flower box and I wanted to take a peek.
Christina, who has been doing exquisite outdoor art installations in neighboring woods, made a terrific choice with marigolds, complimenting the 
existing yellow of the parking lines. 

And as I big fan of these hardy and colorful flowers I began 
to clean up the box a bit, breaking off the dead flowers.  It was then, surrounded by the pungent fragrance of broken marigolds and with my hand full of dead yet still bright and sturdy blossoms, I knew would make a dress.
And as it always happens when I am out making an ephemeral dress, I entered a dream like state, 
where the critics were quiet 
and I was present in the act of creating ~ 
pure heaven.

This state is truly rare for me, especially recently, as my days are filled with many different jobs and single parenting. My time in the studio is non-existant.  And when I do have a moment 
or two to create, I am inundated by the critics and doubters,
"is this the best uses of your time, Virginia??"  

But that didn't happen outside David's studio door, why?

I believe the freedom comes from being outside and that these dresses are ephemeral, they are here and  then they go.  They are exempt from me taking their existence too seriously, free from the paralyzing state of becoming 'precious', when suddenly everything comes under intense internal scrutiny; will this piece be worth the time I am putting into it? will I be able to put the piece in a gallery? will it appeal to anyone else?? 

my faithful and patient assistant
But when I am working outside, in the elements, with just the materials at hand to work with, my thinking brain steps back; I relax and listen to my muse.
The feeling is similiar to the feeling I get when I skinny-dip, 
just me in the cool and refreshing water.
I am a big fan!!


  1. love the photo........love your work !!!!!


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