Sunday, May 12, 2013

The power of mothers: LOVE

I have always loved mother's day
(when you remove the commercial and hallmark elements!!)
what's not to to love??? Celebrating moms and love!!
a day of family, togetherness and love?? 


And now that I am a mom, it is usually a day I can choose what to do and that usually involves ART :)

But in the past years I have learned more about Mother's Day that I feel is paramount to share.
The history of how this day started in 1870 with a Proclamation for peace by Julia Ward Howe.  
Last year my Mother's Day post quoted her Mother’s Day Proclamation, and other interesting facts.
Yesterday Upworthy posted an article called The Radical History Of Mothers Day, reviewing the true origin of Mother's Day and how Mother's Day honors a

progressive feminist, inclusive, non-violent vision for world community. Amen!!!

generations: my mom and my girls 
Also via social media I stumbled upon this video by Maria Shriver that I also feel is important to share.  Besides the empowering messages from Eunice Shriver, my favorite: "you can, you must, you will", this video also speaks to the importance of mothering.  In this economy and culture, the stay at home mom is still viewed as a second class citizen, in our society much of one's self worth is based on one's salary.   But what is more important than nurturing and supporting the next generation?!?!

The video speaks to the importance of acknowledging mothers ~ 

so I wish to acknowledge my mother, 
Patricia O'Riley Fitzgerald, 
for her loving support of me and my girls!! 
Happy Mother's Day Mom!! I love YOU!! 


Maria and Eunice Shriver: The Gift My Mother Gave Me

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