Wednesday, November 4, 2015

spreading the love (art)!!!! in natick, attleboro and (wait for it ..... ) Sunny California!!!!

this past week i have been spreading the love ...
new cards at Renew in downtown Natick.
note the cards featuring their great merchandise
print of illustrated quote

First I replenished the stock of cards and prints at Uni-T at the Natick Collection. I brought new cards as well as many new prints, which included some of my illustrations. 
I introduced these illustrated prints at my open studio 
and they were received very well!! And at 

the owner, Eujin Kim Neilan, displays them so well.
one of the 'renew' notecards
Then on to Renew Arts & Industry, where not only did I restock their origami dresscards, but I added some of the new dress notecards, such as 'sizzzle...'  
AND also added some notecards featuring some of my photographs of their beautiful merchandise!!
new dresscard image, 'sizzzzle ...'

' #kitchentableseries V ...'  pen and ink.
 inspired by an instagram posting by another 'dress' artist, Karen Arp-Sandel.
In Attleboro, MA, you can find one of my #kitchentableseries drawings at the Attleboro Arts Museum as part of their Benefit Art Auction.  
Today is the last day that you can bid online so make sure to click this link to bid and to see all the beautiful offerings.  

And now for the big news!!! the California news!!
I am happy to announce that I made my first sale via/thanks to the internet!!
mixed media dress collage,  is now in CA!!! 
Thank you instagram's 'randomartist222', who saw my dress collage 
that I had shared on instagram and inquired if it was for sale!!!

YES!!! but .... she was in CA and I in MA?!?!

Well she made some suggestions and she waited patiently as I set up my paypal account and investigated shipping and then voila, she still wanted it!! the USPS got it there safely, she liked it in person ....
 I successfully made my first online sale!!!!!!!
(the crowd goes wild!!!)

And with that under my belt ... there will be more!!! 
Oh yes there will be more!!! 
so til later!! 
peace, va

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